Photography —is the most democratic of all arts.

2015 Year
2015 year

Beginning of a photographer's career.

The world of design is ruled by diversity, and it's good. Another question is whether to consider a lot of pieces of furniture as trash. That's it is this responsibility — to create things, not junk, — lies on the designer and the company-manufacturer. Bad architecture is even more harmful. If you make an ugly, uncomfortable and expensive chair, then it will be forgotten very quickly, but if you build a terrible building — it will stay for twenty years and make many unhappy.

2016 year

Opening of the office.

More than the design process itself, I am interested in inventions, engineering and marketing ... I think that a good designer is someone who manages to unite all the elements: the understanding of materials and the belief in increasing functionality. Then the reduction to the form, if you like, becomes the result of all these experiments ..

2016 Year
2017 Year
2017 year

Cooperation with world brands.

My work is simple and sophisticated, so it can be described in both simple and florid language. I love sophistication and I feel its superiority. I like people with a sophisticated mind and at the same time simple in communication. These qualities can be combined quite naturally. However, objects, like people, look pathetic if these properties are connected in them artificially.


  • Photo Agency Shutter
  • Photographer-intern 2016–2017
  • Studio e.Oliver
  • Photographer-retoucher 2017–Present


  • Photography School
  • New York Film Academy 2010–2012
  • Photography Universities
  • Bloomfield Hills, MI 2013–2015


  • Digital cameras
  • Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Sony Alpha A7R II
  • Video camera
  • Sony AX53 4K Handycam 4K 24p Cinema/60p